John’s thoughts on changing and going forward.

Ashly John "thinker"

June 2015 I got a letter just Saturday from a young man in here who I mentioned to you in 2009. He was the one I spent 60 days in the Hole with who was always getting whooped by the police because he refused to bow down to them.  He is the one who said he’d rather spend the rest …

Christopher’s First Reaction to HOW LOVE WINS

Doug Christopher "Twisted"

Christopher’s violence had heart-breaking consequences. The report of a state police officer about his violence followed by an interview with one of the guards who was stabbed. In fact the interview was with the guard’s daughter because the guard was not well enough to be interviewed. The guard was so damaged that she cannot even recognize her own family members. …

Steven Pinder: The Christian Traveler

Ashly Steven "Christian world traveler"

Roy Tester introduced Steven Pinder to Buddhism and to our mindfulness and kindness partnership. Steven, who served in the military and spent time in Germany, traveled throughout Europe. None of the other men I write had been overseas. He wrote: “I do Christian Study in the Bible and then in the afternoon, I do meditation and Buddhist scripture study. I …

Chris Davis – Don’t forget self care

Ashly Other Prisoner Friends

My practicing Buddhism is not about my suffering, it should be about finding and keeping my joy! I was not taking the time out of help myself, but to ONLY help others. I thought by me doing so, I could find that peaceful & joyful place I/S me. But I wasn’t meditating like I should have been…I lost my path. …

The fourth instinct for the fourth of July

Ashly Doug

Arianna Huffington, in her book The Fourth Instinct defines the fourth instinct as “a clear disposition toward goodness, compassion and human fellowship.” The scientist Robert Winston in this book Human Instinct refers to the fourth instinct as co-operation and altruism. I call the fourth instinct simply kindness, which has remarkable potential for individuals and our society. Recent research found that …

Introducing Ernesto: A Christian Perspective

Ashly Ernesto "Christian teacher"

Ernesto is a prisoner in Pelican Bay prison in California, where he took part in a long hunger strike to protest prison conditions. He was in isolation for over a year. He committed his offense when he was in his early 20s. A California law passed in 2015 allows for an early parole hearing for model prisoners with long sentences …

Tad’s thoughts on Compassion and Kindness.

Ashly Tad "artist", Uncategorized

A lot of these younger guys are coming into prison. There is a serious problem out there with parents teaching their kids proper social rules — how to make ethical decisions based on the betterment of society. For example, a lot of these young black guys are coming to prison because of shooting the next man for “fronting” or “frontin,” …

John’s thoughts on Arkansas executions.

Ashly John "thinker"

It is sad that from 1930 to 2006 ADC [AR Dept. of Corrections] executed 170 people, now in 10 days they will execute 8 people. The worst part is, ADC celebrates those executions by serving fried chicken at every unit when these executions occur.   Follow this link to sign up for updates from John and other prisoner friends:

Civility Pledge follows Republican Shootings. The role of kindness.

Ashly Doug

After the shootings at the Republican baseball practice, Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana initiated a Commitment to Civility signed by 47 members of the freshman class in the House of Representatives. The pledge said the members recognized the growing division in politics that was fueled by vitriol in public discourse. “One result has been a loss of trust in …

Christopher’s First Letter to Me

Doug Christopher "Twisted"

I received this letter from inmate Christopher Brewer, who went by the moniker Twisted. The transformations that Christopher Brewer describes are significant in that the probability of him causing harm to guards or other prisoners is decreasing. He not only is finding some internal peace but also is actually trying to help other inmates to find internal peace and forsake …