Ernesto – Christ is Love. Buddha is Love. Jehovah is Love. Muhammad is Love.

Ashly Ernesto "Christian teacher"

March 16, 2016

Steven said something in his response that caught my eye … He did not believe in hell. He believes hell is a manifestation of a person’s mind … Absolutely true! In addition this hell can be created also when we give life to artificial emotions and thoughts than conceive overthinking situations and our conditions in our lives as well as our inability to sustain control within them. Simple mindfulness is absolutely a shield against the world of hell we create within our minds! One of my greatest realization in life is the recognition to put God into everything I do and how I interact with the world and the people in it. How do you put God into everything? By understanding what and who God is … Simple. God is love. Think about it. Every single religion and practice has God/Love in their religion and practices. Christ is Love. Buddha is Love. Jehovah is Love. Muhammad is Love. The Virgin Mary is Love. Every single creation of belief, faith, religion is based on love. A better way for humankind. It is all the over-analyzation where things get confusing, technical and misinterpretations occur … Like the Christian crusades, for example. Or what is going on with the Palestinians (horrible story). Or the Holocaust. One day, someone woke up overanalyzed things to benefit his own agenda and brought hell to the world, to the lives of others, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Beginning with the self. So a person who want to practice right view, right thinking, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right endeavor, right mindfulness and right meditation. … Put, incorporate God/Love into all of these things by simplifying your purpose. And what is our purpose? To serve others. Why do we serve others? To help them find God/Love and at the same time, exercising our own God/Love muscle by serving the person we are helping. It is an endless potential, positive ripple effect. For example, the work Linda and you do with your 294 are property is the very essence of God/Love action … If you put God/Love into everything, nature, people, speech, actions, thoughts, service … you will do your vital part as a human being. To bring heaven here, now, in the minds, hearts, souls, and bodies of others as well as yourself.

Something else I wanted to say about what Steven wrote. He wrote about the man always getting on the tier talking about child molesters – and how much he loves his kids. How Steven told him the facts of the kind of dad he was by coming to prison for his 3rd time. Sure, Steven had a point, however, that is not the way you teach someone. Getting him angry is not the way by basically slapping him in the face with his own words. How is this man to become receptive to Steven with a negative approach? God/Love in everything you do, even teaching, is the way. For example, the new cell I moved to, my neighbors, use a lot of drugs. I mean, they are sick as I write this letter for having gotten high for about four days in a row! So I’ve been talking to them and “sympathized” with their situation. Made them some soup and sent them some aspirin. Earlier I spoke to them about a “natural high”, being “drunk on life” and it never going away. They responded by admitting that I always seem to be on a festive mood helping others around them. So I shared about how our brain has three parts. A smart part where we are conscious of the decisions we make. The emotional part where we react to people and situations with artificial emotions such as human nature and our old habit part where we respond to life the way we were taught during our socialization period and dramatic events that scared us – and may not even be aware of it! So they are open to begin some correspondence courses that has to do with finding a higher power than yourself and help get to the root of a person’s addictive behavior. I shall keep an eye on their progress and plant seeds within their minds and hearts a little at a time. Nurture them back to health. Sometimes when you slap people in the face with the truth, it is counter-productive because the defense mechanism kicks in and that wall comes up. Positivity always works. May take time, but the effects of this approach is enduring.

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