Tad’s thoughts on Compassion and Kindness.

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A lot of these younger guys are coming into prison. There is a serious problem out there with parents teaching their kids proper social rules — how to make ethical decisions based on the betterment of society. For example, a lot of these young black guys are coming to prison because of shooting the next man for “fronting” or “frontin,” which is defined as stunting on the next man.  Examples of Stuntin: 1) Pulling up fresh meaning wearing better clothes 2) Talking smack around some females while dude is present. 3) Wearing a more pricey watch or necklace.  Many new rap songs promote this lifestyle and “stuntin” on the next man. And where are the parents? Most are depending on the school systems to teach or raise their children.

The younger generation needs to see compassion, kindness, mindfulness, as being really cool. If you could present these into rap music, a clothing line, etc., that would set a trend. Then there could be a cool kindness. Video games that challenge to help. There needs to be a movement to help shift the younger generation. I’d start with ages 6-10 first. I say that age because when I taught my daughter something I’d notice she would try and teach my son. It was cute.

[In a later letter Tad wrote:] “When you really want to help the guards in here”. I’d like to add to that comment.

Compassion must come before kindness. When dealing with these officers, if, an officer (just as an inmate) takes your kindness for weakness, it only makes the officer worse in their own selfish ego. There are times, out of compassion, to truly help in guiding an officer or inmate, you must be aggressive. This aggression will force them to rethink their direction in life. In this environment, just as in society, you must pay attention to people’s characters. Some pretend to be mean-hearted, when others are just plain evil. Compassion is about being mindful of what is needed for the betterment of an individual or individuals. Right and wrong in many people’s eyes, goes out the window! Did Roy forget already the day he “Slapped me in the face?” Out of compassion, he had to do it! To get me to see my erroneous ways. It doesn’t matter if a person is in a white ADC suit or a blue correctional suit … it is the person within!

Compassion – In truth is “wise discernment” and kindness is a by-product. True selfless kindness, that is!!

On that same page you asked for reactions/comments to Bruno’s statement, “Is there heaven just outside of the hell we’re living in?” I personally do not believe in hell! I believe it is made up to scare people. Why do I believe this? Because once I saw life in a universal perspective, there is no need for a hell. If one truly understands our duty in this life, there is no right or wrong. There is only the purpose. How we are programmed to express our motives and intentions, shows our level of understanding of “selfless universal compassion”. A better example … there is a guy that lives downstairs. He talks about child molesters all the time. How all they do is destroy kids’ lives. (And I don’t deny this), but … the deep root truth is a child’s life is being destroyed. This same guy will later get on the tier, and talk about “How much he loves his kids”, which they are very young. I asked him one day, “How can you talk about another man (child molester) destroying a child’s life, when you yourself are destroying your own kids’ lives?” Yep. He got mad at that, but it was true. I pointed out to him. You’re 26 years old. You’ve been to prison three times. You were out 44 days this last time. “Do your kids mean that little to you … that dope (meth) is more important?” You are purposely destroying your own kid’s lives by not being there as the father, which is your Duty to be”. When one finally sees this universal duty to compassion, you no longer get a choice. It is a duty. Why is it a duty? Karma!! And in my perspective, my heaven, is my karma! Turning my bad karma into grace is the heaven part. Karma is the feedback, universal feedback – that is!


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