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Mindfully Kind Living Proves To Be More Satisfying Than Unkind Selfish Living

Welcome to the Feed Kindness Starve Harm project! Where one man’s multi-decade quest for mindful kindness and meditation develops into a rewarding social experiment. The result is the following stories, resources, and ways to improve your quality of life. The purpose here is to enable you to develop kind habits for being a loving and trusted family member, coworker, and friend. You will also learn how to break unkind habits that may be hampering your happiness and that of those around you. Kindness and mindfulness have been valued by all religions for thousands of years, but the modern access to internet makes it possible to see more kindness modeled and how far reaching its ripple effect is.


Resources For Mindful Living & Breaking Unkind Habits

The following resource pages are designed around all forms of relationships with ourselves and others. The resources we advocate all have to operate by one core metric: Increasing one’s capacity for connection and intimacy. Each page covers the kinds of principles that cultivate your personal sense of connection and being your best.

The Books & Research Behind This Project

Saint Badass Letters From Prison an unlikely discovery of personal trancendence

Back Story

Read the back story behind how the Feed Kindness, Starve Harm project started. Based on a true story of letters, friendship, & transcendence.

Read the Story
How Love Wins, mindfulness, kindness


Existing research on the diverse benefits of mindful kindness suggests that kindness is improving how we all relate.

Learn the Benefits
12 Steps To Mindful Kindness, mindfulness, kindness

Habit Shifter

Permanently enhance life skills with the multiplier of mindful kindness. Master the fine art of intentional kindful living & enjoy the satisfying victories of life.

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Native American Legend

A grandfather’s advice to his grandson, who came to him with anger at a friend who had done him an injustice, “Let me tell you a story. I too, have felt a great hate for those that have taken too much, with no sorrow for what they do. But hate wears you down, it is like taking the poison you wish upon your enemy. I have struggled with this many times.” He continued, “It’s as if there are two wolves inside me. One is good; he lives in harmony; and rarely takes offense. He will only fight for the right causes in the right way. But the other wolf is full of anger. The littlest thing will set off his temper. He fights everyone, all the time, for no reason. He cannot think clearly because his anger and hate are so great. It is a helpless anger that changes nothing. Sometimes, it’s hard living with these two wolves inside me, as both try to dominate my spirit.” The boy looked intently into his grandfather’s eyes and asked, “Which one wins?” The grandfather smiled and quietly said, “The one I feed.”

Grandfather teaches

This legend honoring Native American wisdom stands in stark contrast to the way European settlers to North America dishonored and mistreated Native Americans beginning with Columbus in 1492. It is important to examine the ways in which European settlers set up a society and mode of relating to Indigenous People that along with slavery is the definition of cruelty and violent unkindness. In order to feed kindness, we need to consider restoring the capacity for kindness to all levels of society and between all peoples.

Doug Carnine

The Steward Behind This:

University of Oregon Professor Emeritus, Doug Carnine, PhD, has contributed to over 50 textbooks throughout his career and has followed a personal fascination with kindness, meditation,  and mindfulness for over 30 years. This has led to adding two non-fiction works to his legacy:
Saint Badass and How Love Wins.
His hope: Initiate global participation in something morally simplistic we can all agree on without religious conflict.
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How This Started

This all started when Doug became friends with Roy through pen-pal-ship. Roy happens to live in a maximum security prison. He owns his crimes of retaliation against abusive parents and seeks ways to transcend the prison experience with mindful kindness through Doug’s supportive friendship. This friendship grew into several more relationships as Roy’s experience inspired other prisoners to seek similar guidance. After six years of writing, Doug is inspired to share this journey and compile research demonstrating how fusing mindful kindness into habits is a common denominator in personal transcendence. This has resulted in producing the two books Saint Badass & How Love Wins.

Books The Author Has Worked On

Prisoner-Author Pen-Pals

Mindfully Kind Principle

About Saint Badass

Saint Badass follows the story of how four prisoners come to change their experience of surviving Tucker maximum-security prison (a prison Hollywood used as the basis for the film Brubaker with Robert Redford in 1980). Each man has a different story and crime. Through guidance from Doug and each other about mindful kindness and meditation, their new mental habits send ripples of possibility throughout the prison.

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    The Truth of Tucker MAX Prison: Hell on Earth

    It’s no secret that prison feeds human suffering without regard for each prisoner’s potential for rehabilitation and future contribution to society.

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    Small Acts of Kindness Have Profound Power

    Prisoners went to great lengths to meet the needs of others despite hellish conditions. The results of the kindness benefitted them as well as the recipients.

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    How the Practice of Mindfulness + Kindness Transcends Surroundings

    The main character’s story reveals an unimaginable transformation under the severest of circumstances in a maximum security prison.

“Anyone who rarely receives kindness,
who is basically ignored in life,
feels as if they do not matter.”Roy Tester, Saint Badass

This is a hope-fueled global movement. We consider all avenues of media to be equal in the light of people’s preferred interaction styles or access limitations. Therefore we have flexible options for the right kindful film producer.

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We are optimistic for the future of gaming to include experiential learning that impacts us in positive and lasting ways. Therefore we have a flexible opportunity for the right experiential game producer.

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About How Love Wins

How Love Wins is a follow-up book to Saint Badass: a collection of current global research on the impact and personal benefits of habitual mindfulness, kindness, and meditation applied in everyday ways. Doug Carnine’s background as a highly awarded professor, textbook author, and 4-decade Buddhist practitioner form a profound platform for practical explanations of our highest human potential.

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    Research Compilation

    Research citations about the power of kindness come from the Gottman Institute, where relationship scientists Julie & John Gottman have spearheaded longitude research to understand what makes the difference between strong and weak relationships. Other researchers cited include Adam Grant, Wharton Professor of Management, and Shawn Achor, former Harvard Professor and CEO of GoodThink.

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    Proven Methods of Inspiring Happiness

    Various kindful relationship habits from personal to community dynamics have been tested informally in a maximum-security prison and yielded consistently positive results for both the givers and recievers. If these methods can help one thrive in prison, they can dramatically improve one’s experience of the free world.

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    Unifying Global Vision: Mindfully Kind Living

    The ultimate hope is a simple unifying practice we can all morally agree on without religious connotation or conflict.

“Mindful kindness can eventually replace materialism and extreme individualism
because its effects are powerful enough to heal and direct us to new ways of relating to one another.”Doug Carnine, PhD

How Love Wins 101 E-Course

How Love Wins 101 eCourse
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    Self Screening

    Complete a self screening by answering a few questions about your kindness reach and learn how this contributes to your emotional well being. This self scoring metric will help you to know if participating in this e-course will be useful for you!

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    Upgrade Your Mindful Kindness

    Upgrade your kindfulness habits through a fundamental understanding of the research, practical exercises, and serving your community.

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    Become Mindfully Kind Certified

    Get Mindfully Kind certification and start presenting this badge on your resume, LinkedIn, or on applications. We recommend discussing what mindful kindness means to you in any dating profiles.

“Contentment is a baseline outcome of mindfulness: The real golden egg is seeing more opportunities and ways to act with kindness to create timeless moments of empathy-based connection.”Doug Carnine, PhD, How Love Wins


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