Mindfully Kind Creations

Surround yourself with mindfully kind reminders

When one is integrating new concepts, its therapeutic to have artful representations surrounding you. Then our environment can hold the reminder until enough thought & inspired conversations have transformed how we think and act.

The kinds of words we allow ourselves to think and identify with are truly the rudder of the ship to steer emotions. The longer we allow our emotions unchecked, the more we consider them to be the truth of our moment, year or life. The vows and quotes on these everyday items are intentional enough to steer the mind to calmer waters.

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A positive statement regarding your intended direction in life, whether simply looked at, or said aloud, evokes emotions that support your transformation. With each brief boost of endorphins, you are rewarding your brain for thinking good thoughts. This can gradually improve your brain chemistry. These self-help items make a statement in any room. This mindfully kind vow is ideal for guiding purpose in life. Simple truths make for simple joys.

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That was then, this is now. I am mindfully kind to myself & others. My kindfulness reach expands as my gratitude grows.

– Doug Carnine, Ph.D.

Set the Tone

Enhance Your Capacity for Joy

Our emotional spectrum for things we can find joy in is endless. The practice of being mindfully kind to yourself builds self confidence. Being mindfully kind to others feeds a sense of well being, and with consistency, those within your immediate environment will eventually start mirroring your kindness. The more consistently kindful you are, the more others respond positively towards you. Over time, this kind of habit leads to a thriving level of joy.

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Self Kindness is Foundational

Being mindfully kind with yourself is foundational because it’s a tipping point. Self-kindness facilitates a lighter mood, and makes it easier to deal with others graciously. Self-kindness allows you to enjoy the simple joys. Fill your days with them. Contentment is inspirational. May this reminder set a new precedent in your world.

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Opportunities Start with Trust Built by Mindful Kindness

Consider for a moment how life changing one referral can be. It may be for a job offer, or a new relationship. At some point, trust and mindful kindness played a role. Imagine if your mindfully kind habits were especially strong, in theory, you could have more opportunities than you can handle.

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Thriving Impermanence

Anchor Emotional Thriving

Consider your emotional spectrum for a moment. On one end, bliss, on the other, depression. What kinds of interactions in life move you towards your joy? Ignore activities and things (because they can’t hug you back). Instead focus on interactions with yourself and others. What qualities do you enjoy most about these interactions? Warmth, excitement, laughter, a moment of voicing deep appreciation, effortless high-fives? One of the common threads preceding great moments of connection (with the self or others) is acting in mindfully kind ways. Your inner being is just as valuable as a partner.

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Maximize Well Being

Being mindfully kind with yourself allows you to identify what is central to your well being. Well being brings a lighter mood and enjoyment, and makes it easier to deal with others graciously. Self kindness allows you to revel in the simple joys. Your capacity for contentment is endless and inspirational. May this reminder set a new precedent in your world.

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Honor the Sacredness of Impermanence

None of us know how long a life may last. If anything has breath in it’s lungs it needs kindness. It’s a form of torture to meet fundamental needs without meeting emotional needs. Mindful kindness is a holistic approach to honoring the sacredness of this moment.

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