Christopher’s First Letter to Me

Doug Christopher "Twisted"

I received this letter from inmate Christopher Brewer, who went by the moniker Twisted.
The transformations that Christopher Brewer describes are significant in that the probability of him causing harm to guards or other prisoners is decreasing. He not only is finding some internal peace but also is actually trying to help other inmates to find internal peace and forsake their instincts to respond violently when confronted with frustration.

“I’m in a state of “chaos” within. I originally came to prison having to serve five years before I would be eligible for parole that parole date was in two thousand twelve. I was three months from the parole board and having medical issues after a surgery. I chose to take a nurse hostage in the infirmary in order to get a transfer to a unit to get medical help. I’d seen two other prisoners previously do it their motive to get pills mine got me a kidnapping charge. I went to trial and received forty two years. Since that day I have had no peace within all my hopes, dreams, and aspirations have vanished! A little over a month after my trial I escaped my cell at the supermax coming out on a tier and beating and stabbing an officer. I’ve made attempts here at this unit and was again recently successful in breaking out and stabbing another officer. It’s as if I’m at a constant war with the suits and with myself.
I’d first spoke with Tad Price, a man whom I’ve done time around for many years and was always amazed at his peaceful state even amongst the confusion that surrounds us here! I as well know John Bruno whom radiates a sense of certainty, peacefulness, and calmness. They both credit this peacefulness to Buddism and the Buddist teachings! I seek and need this in my life. I’m respectfully requesting you teach me about Buddism. I will be a diligent student grateful of your time and energy. That is if you would be kind enough to teach me!”


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