Two Unkind Options: One is Being Killed

Ashly Bradley "gay advocate"

March 15, 2018

Some guys got caught smoking in the bathroom and the officer put a note in the councilors box and we got put on a 30-day shut down. That means our time don’t count till April 11th, on April 11th I’ll have 78 days. So I will not graduate until June 27th. During this 30 days we will be required to sit in a chair daily from 6:30am till 10:30pm with a break at 50 after the hour till the top of the hour. We must be on a total silence for this time and reflect on what landed us to be on this shut down. We as a group should have written the guys up for smoking. I should have, but staff does not realize that we are still in a prison and we could get killed for writing someone up for a rule that could keep them from going home. So I am looking out for my safety.