Steven – First year anniversary

Ashly Steven "Christian world traveler"

“I have been in my practice for over a year now and boy have I seen some good progress. I guess the best thing of all is I used the tools I have learned from you and my practice and I have not smoked a cigarette in over a year!! 🙂 !! The urge and desire for a cigarette is no longer persistent or present. I tried to stop smoking so many times in the street but I always failed. Always. I can now say I have in fact kicked the habit of smoking with the aid of my Buddhist practice and the instruction from you, Doug. I also find myself to be more kindful and mindful of the people I deal with each and every day. I see smiles from the police instead of frowns; I hear good tidings instead of contempt; I hear okays instead of cursing from me! All in all, I find a better person in me then I was a year or so ago. Better mind, spirit, health and understanding.

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