Roy on why he’s interested in the Feed Kindness Starve Harm Project.

Ashly Roy "Saint Badass"

As to your question of my interest in such a project and why I think it will or won’t work…I already try to motivate any of these guys that will listen and especially the ones who are soon to hit the streets again. Most don’t want to hear shit. They’ve got everything all figured out. The ultimate, perfect plan that covers every area – jobs, money, family, future. There are a tiny few who are open to similar motivational ideas. The Project itself is far more apt to work when both fellas [meaning the helper and the soon-to-be-released prisoner] are in population. The idea/project, in order to really succeed, requires constant reinforcement. Every yard call, every floor/TV call, lunch, etc. Every opportunity to have some time one on one must be used to supply that reinforcement/motivation. The system does its best to manipulate inmates into forfeiting their humanity, which practically guarantees recidivism in 95% of those released.

Within the idea of motivating someone (like the Bro [Ernesto] in California is doing), there’s also working hard to convince those fellas that their humanity and integrity are not automatically forfeited by coming to prison. The system works constantly on tearing and ripping away until what’s left is a being who is selfish, self-centered and sociopathic – a guaranteed fk up once released who will hurt those he comes in contact with one way or another by the using, using and abusing all.


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