Dealing with your anger toward others around us

Ashly Doug

I spent quite a bit of time looking into reservations for a trip with my wife and two daughters. When I talked with my wife to confirm the dates over the phone, she told me she had changed her plans—which undid all my reservations. I was angry with her. How Love Wins suggests taking three mindful breaths when we are agitated or miserable. So I did. With the mindful breaths I focused on the physical sensations of my chest and abdomen expanding with the inhale and then sinking with the exhale. Sure enough, my mind dropped the feelings of anger. But those feelings quickly returned; then three more mindful breaths. After a few of these cycles, I was calm and no longer feeding my anger. When she got home she explained she had just received a call that forced her to change our dates. Good thing I did not ‘share’ my anger with her! Why don’t you try three mindful breaths the next time you are angry, or are upset for some other reason.

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