Christopher’s First Reaction to HOW LOVE WINS

Doug Christopher "Twisted"

Christopher’s violence had heart-breaking consequences. The report of a state police officer about his violence followed by an interview with one of the guards who was stabbed. In fact the interview was with the guard’s daughter because the guard was not well enough to be interviewed. The guard was so damaged that she cannot even recognize her own family members.

State Police Report-twisted

Christopher’s desperation drove him to embrace mindful kindness and change his life.
“I currently have a broken nose from being beaten in handcuffs back on the first of the month. I’m going to use this time instead of returning the favor with physical violence. I’m tired of hurting people. I’m skilled at civil law as John [one of the original four members of the mindful kindness partnership] recently pointed out to me I need to being to do things in a way that are beneficial to my future. If it wasn’t for his presence and guidance recently I would have surely devised a plan to free myself and avenge the beating I took by tabbing something in blue. I’m thankful to have him near me for the moment. He’s been a blessing since we’ve met.

I see how “How Love Wins” coordinates to help discover the root of our suffering! Its good to take a look at the past accept it and get on with life! Ive been holding on to a lot from the past “feeding” it. Im ready to get through it.”


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