Christopher – Meditation: loss of body and mind

Ashly Christopher "Twisted"

May 23, 2017

I took a few breaths inhaling and exhaling from the abdomen. Focusing on my breathing it was quiet in the isolation I was quickly zoned out with no thoughts or anything I’d even stopped focusing on my breath. After approx 10 minutes I came back and focused on my breathing as I continued to meditate.

May 26, 2017

I focused on my breaths inhaling and exhaling feeling them enter and exit my body until it finally seemed as if my body disappeared. It was just the breath is all there was in and out there were not thoughts or distractions.

Doug replied: These experiences are very helpful but should not be seen as your /goal/ when you meditate; mediation is done for its own sake, nothing more. If you have these experiences as your goal, you may be disappointed and judgmental when they do not occur. Your helpful experiences: Zoned out with no thoughts or anything. The next day: your body disappeared.

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