Kindfulness is in truth a beginning

Ashly Steven "Christian world traveler"

October 11, 2016

Doug, I hope everyone will someday see as I have that kindfulness is in truth a beginning. It is a beginning to healing, learning, repair and release. I hope by sharing the truth about kindfulness it’s branches can reach to all practicing Buddhist and will, in fact, begin to repair this world in which we live. We must turn the corner before we self-destruct.

I look so forward to each new day and the joy that I now experience even behind these concrete walls. I have found some peace and serenity, if you can believe that. Maybe it is the books and study. Maybe it is my progress in practice. But I assure you, it can be attributed in the kindful acts that have changed me, my thinking and my world. Doug, it is getting better. In this place it is something to be grateful for, that being able to find some peace and a little happiness.