Small acts of kindness

Ashly Roy "Saint Badass"

Seeing even small acts of kindness by guys in the blocks and guards and things on the news has been flooding my heart with joy and tears will flow and I get a goofy smile on my face and just feel so grateful, so proud of the ones showing kindness. I hear myself silently thanking the ones showing kindness, thanking them for reaching into their hearts for that natural humanity. It’s kind of hard to adequately explain. Like this morning, a new guard just started working for ADC and it was her first night at work. She dropped my breakfast into my cell before I could get to it. Oatmeal and syrup went everywhere and that included on me, from the waist down. She was almost in tears and I said, “Mam, please relax because the world ain’t gonna end over small shit like you dropping a tray and painting me with oatmeal and syrup.” I said it with a smile on my face. The Sgt. over the shift came over and thanked me for being kool about the “accident” and not clicking or snapping on her new officer. Bro, that young woman was so frightened I was glad it happened to me and not one of those totally disrespectful young idiots/assholes. They would’ve caused her to have a nervous breakdown. Sarge brought me a new tray and an extra one.”