Kindness to a Lieutenant

Ashly Christopher "Twisted"

June 2017

Part 1:

When the lieutenant Mrs Blunt who I’ve had many negative encounters with came to get me from the yard I volunteered to come off first had planned ahead and had my bath supplied laid out being mindful that she is busy and doesn’t have time to come back later to put me in the shower. I asked me if she would like me to shower now while she was here. I thanked her for her time and her escorting me from the yard to the shower. This helped her get through with her lieutenant move for the day so she’s not running back and forth. It helped myself allowing me to build relations with staff and show them through actions that I’m mindful of them and their time.


Part 2:

I thanked officer for bringing me my tray today he came back to pick the trays up and stopped and thanked me for my kindness toward him. This was an officer I use to be really hard on in the past.