John – Loneliness

Ashly John "thinker"

Older letter from John:

Well Doug, Linda – prayer does work. Friday the 4th, I got a card in the mail with No return address. But, it was from my Mom. She said that she loves me. Always have and God loves me more.

You know what my reaction was? None. I felt nothing. I thought to myself, why? After all these years, she finally writes. Me. Doesn’t say she forgives me … just that she loves me. Which I forgave them (Mom and Dad), both, a long time ago. I just don’t know why I don’t feel nothing. Why don’t I feel relief? Why not cry for having a reuniting? I don’t understand. I’m glad she has found peace within herself. And I pray for her always. I know she’ll be 74 years old in August. Either the 28th or the 29th.


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