John – This moment of life

Ashly John "thinker"

Older letter from John:

Looking forward towards something used to be a, no, was the anticipation of something wonderful happening. Now over time I have realized that being alive here and now, is the greatest of all feelings. Because now in this moment I am alive and able to enjoy all feelings. All emotions. I do not know when I will no longer be in this form. So I live now, do all I can in Love, Joy and compassion now. If I feel pain and sorrow I embrace that too. Because that’s what allows me to know I am still human.

Sometimes we get discouraged. We all do, even I. Things just don’t seem to go right, trouble comes, we lose things, or people we love, and it can become so unbearable, that we just want to give up. That is that mountain of experience. When we continue to climb, we will be caught out in the storm. Fires will rage. Yet, just as all storms, they pass. Just as when the fire is gone, new life begins. That my brothers and sisters is the breaking of our imprisonment. The old thinking is burned away, and our new thinking begins. The sprinkling of the rains is the wisdom and knowledge.

What is the most important part on the headstone? It is not the name, day of birth, the day of death nor the eulogy, if one is given. It is that small dash between your birth and your passing. Because that dash represents the life you’ve lived and all you have done. What is your dash going to have to say?


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