Christopher – Confirming two or more of the seven elements of kindness

AshlyChristopher "Twisted"

May 17, 2017

It’s a common practice of mine to assist prisoners coming to the hole on behavior control even with individuals I don’t care for when its cold I’ll send them socks, a shirt, toothpaste, toothbrush all due to the fact I know how it feels I know how they feel to be in a cell freezing no way to cleanse yourself, stay warm, etc. This is what we are suppose to do for each other as convicts yet this has been thrown to the side over the years due to the new age of inmate thinking its weak. Its really a form of strength and bonding unity. It consists of gratitude cause I’m grateful for what I have so I give to others, empathy and compassion for understanding and sharing the others feelings as well as easily their pain or suffering. Altruism for never expecting a return yet hoping they do it for the next man, cooperation for helping a fellow convict. It helps me cause I feel better about myself as well as its my way of secretly getting back at the system cause those prisoners aren’t suppose to have those items.


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