Tad – Still finds time to be kind

Ashly Tad "artist"

August 2017

As I sit here writing this letter I’m watching two inmates fight. One about 22, the other mid 30’s. The young was playing catch with a balled up piece of plastic with another inmate, when he mistakenly hit the older dude in the face. The young one’s pride was soo thick he couldn’t humble himself to apologize properly to avoid the fighting. Here in a few I will ask this guy “Ash,” to go talk to the young guy to see if he will apologize and shake the older guy’s hand, to eliminate any future problems between the two that fought and their home boys. Ash is about the same age as the other young dude, so he will probably listen to him before he would listen to an old school like me.

By the way “Ash” has been reading Saint Badass and will be out by this Friday. He asked me to ask you if, “you can send him a copy of How Love Wins?”

A copy of How Love Wins was sent to Ash.

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