Sensing Mindfulness

Ashly Christopher "Twisted"

June 2017

Sensations (How Love Wins) page 69 – List all the sensations you experienced each day when you practiced sensing mindfulness. Also, note if experiencing those sensations decreased your negative mind-wandering:


Was totally focused on the sensations as I did my arm and chest workout today taking the time with each rep to just feel and notice the way the muscle actually contracted and expanded. As I did this I had no mind wandering.


I enjoyed and embraced my sense of sight this morning as I went to yard early and watched the birds fly around the grass the greenness the vast fields the beautiful sky things I never took time to look at before. I just looked at them all in wonder.


I wash my feet nightly I take time to pay special attention to each crack and wash carefully blocking out all the distraction of the day just doing maintenance on myself my feet then kicked back and paid mind to the way the air felt between my toes as they dried.


We had peanut butter cookies for lunch today. I usually sell mine every Wednesday. They are worth two stamps in the hole yet today I decided I would indulge. I usually will holler from cell to cell during lunch. Yet today I sat with my cookies and took a bite and savored the moistness of the cookie just taking that in I noted the flavor of course and reflected back on my younger years and home. I switched senses and noted the texture along with the size in which I was quite pleased that they had sent such large cookies on the trays to the prisoners on lockdown! It was a great experience! I have noticed when I take time to appreciate these sensations I have less negative mind wandering and negative thoughts in general.

I became entuned with my sense of smell this morning as I was on the yard I sat back and closed my eyes as the other prisoner finished mowing the grass I sat there deeply inhaling the smell of the fresh cut grass. Such a refreshing smell breathe, in and out just enjoying the small pleasure of life.

It’s raining today after the intense heat in the hole I’m thoroughly embracing the feel of the cool air as it envelopes my body I laid on my mat closed my eyes as the whisps of cool air crossed my skin took the cool air out my lungs rather than the hot thick air I’ve been breathing and truly enjoyed and was thankful for it I had my mind wandering thought.

I pushed my little home made seat back against the wall and listened to one of my old favorite eighties rock songs, “My Kind of Lover” as I listened to every beat cord and vocal on a level and depth I never have before. After the experience I returned to my day with a renewed sense of energy.