Reflections on the day of my 50th wedding anniversary

Ashly Doug

Looking back over the 50-year journey Linda and I are on reminded me of the journey of the prodigal son stories. This one is Buddhist: A king discovered that his eldest son was going to abandon being a prince and go live in the world. To help his son, the king had a priceless jewel sewn into his cloak. The son lived a hard, poverty-stricken life and after 50 years returned to his father’s kingdom. His father was near death and embraced his son. Seeing the terrible shape his son was in, the king asked him, “Why did you not sell the priceless jewel so you could have a happy life?” The son ripped his torn cloak and found the precious jewel.  

I am fortunate because I have known about my priceless jewel for 50 years, Linda and our daughters and extended family, including those who have passed.

We all are aware of the fragility of our life, the life of our community, our country, and even the earth. So this challenging time with Linda, and now our daughters, brings to mind this word: cherish. I cherish my family and my friends. We can all cherish our jewels.

And for those joining us today who lead a fortunate life, I’ll share this biblical quote:

[Luke 12:48] says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” Let us cherish our loved ones and also share our bounty as best we can. The need is greater than any in our life time, so do share our bounty.