What is Your Kindness Score

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What is Your Kindness Score?

The Kindness Scale rates your acts of kindness across four categories.

Kindness with Friends and Family

Do you help them without being asked?

Do you encourage them as they work toward a goal?

Do you respond in a positive manner when they ask or say something to you, in word or gesture?

Kindness at Work

Do you help your colleagues?

Do you encourage the good work of other?

Do you focus on the success of your group as much or more than your individual success?

The Reach of Your Kindness

Do you give directly to the poor, for example money, food, gloves or other warm clothing to a homeless person asking for work in winter?

Do you give to disaster victims living outside the US?

Do you give time or money to charities for children in need, battered women, homeless, endangered wildlife, or other charities inside the US?

Are You Kind to Yourself?

Do you make sure to take time and energy to get your work done?

Do you eat and drink in a healthy fashion, avoiding cigarettes, chewing, and excessive alcohol.

Do you stay active through exercise or work?

Do you manage your stress?

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