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Saint Badass The Movie:
Movie Rights Available

The movie industry thrives on a balanced spectrum of true and fictional stories. We feel it’s important to offer the movie rights to this, because this story is part of a movement to improve our failing prison system. It’s time to acknowledge that inhumane punishment for people who have already faced an enormous amount of abuse is beneath us. Justice can done better. This story proves that broken people forced into a life of crime need a safe place to heal, and even when they aren’t safe, they are capable of making peace within themselves. We hope that this future movie will aid the movement to improve our prison system at large.

A Saint Badass Movie


A way to experience maximum security prison and take full responsibility for retaliation crimes against abusive parents. Imagine having a life sentence for killing the people that abused you as a child, and having an abusive environment to further the trauma and think about the cycles of abuse you’ve been trapped in.

Movie Highlights

  • Raw Background Stories From Prisoners
  • Personal Transcendence Through Mindfulness, Kindness & Meditation
  • Other Prisoners, Guards, And Nurses Are Impacted

Mentality Insights

Isolation is a breeding ground for multiplying emotional trauma and fears. This story explores one man’s olympic level effort to master meditation, mindfulness, and kindness amid the hell of prison, ignored by modern society.

Survival Highlights

  • Learning Mindfulness
  • Fusing Mindfulness & Kindness
  • How A Kindful Inner World Helps


Modern Day Prison Insights


Through the unique insights of prison life, anyone having difficulty can come out the experience and feel grateful for the simplest freedoms of being able to go outside whenever they please. There are cross-over philosophies to how we torture and isolate ourselves in a free state.

Social Impact Highlights

  • Breaking The Cycle Of Abuse
  • Punishment vs. Healing
  • Transcendence Via Kindfulness
“…the HAPPYS that beamed from them was priceless…” – Roy Tester, Saint Badass, Result Of Kindfulness

Create A Landmark Feature Film On How Mindfulness & Kindness Affect Those Starved For It

Hollywood has certainly reached a critical mass talent for engaging a global market with the excitement of action films. But there’s an untapped side of producing movies that convey the power of emotions, mindfulness, and kindness. This story is remarkable with its spectrum of the abuse these people have undergone to bring them to the place of blind bloodlust, to their embrace of the spiritual journey of mindful kindness. The inspiration for those of us facing lesser evils is striking by comparison.

Saint Badass, mindful living

Offer Explicit Life Skills Through Visual Story Telling

Saint Badass gives us a glimpse at the full circle potential for those who want to permanently end their cycle of abuse. This profound look at the inner workings of healing, inspires hope for overcoming daily struggles of the free world. It also shows potential for ways to make the prison of the future more humane and healing focused.

“In order to change, you must change your thinking. This starts from forgetting about vengeance, about the world owing you, about how you were raised or treated growing up, or the community in which you were raised. Forget about how you were molested, raped, beaten, told you’d never amount to nothing. Because all of that is just a psychological barrier that can be overcome. “John Bruno, Saint Badass

*John Bruno is one of four main characters in Saint Badass that shares his story with Doug Carnine through the friendship of exchanging letters.

Saint Badass Movie Rights Options

We welcome any variety of producers, directors and screen writers to contact us about this opportunity. We look forward to hearing to from anyone interested in improving the institutional prison system, as well as raising the awareness of the power of mindful kindness and meditation to everyday living. This is more about a collaboration with the right people who care about the right things than anything.

One Time Buy Out Option

It is our highest hope to see a Saint Badass movie on the market by 2020. The one time buy out option secures your rights to produce the movie by 2019. Rights include using copies of letters, book excerpts, prisoner artwork & support coaching from the author as needed.

  • 3 Years To Complete Or Release Option
  • Access To Original Letters & Artwork
  • Support Coaching From Author As Needed

10% Of Net For For Ten Years

A percentage of net agreement means no up front costs, but the movie must be completed and released no later than 2019. There is a penalty if this agreement is not followed through on. This allows a firm to profit share as a form of securing the rights. Royalties paid annually after gross & net profits can be appropriately tracked.

  • 3 Years To Complete Or Release Option
  • Access To Original Letters & Artwork
  • Support Coaching From Author As Needed
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