John – Our True Purpose

AshlyJohn "thinker"

June 2017

When a person[s] choose to help others in life, what is their true purpose behind it? When I first started in this life I thought, “Don’t nobody really care about me, so why should I care about them. They all play their little games, acting like they are my friends or they “love” me. B/S. So I played their game.

Some do it to justify ones life.

Some do it to be recognized by others. In other words praise that they’re doing something.

Some do it to try to balance out good and evil that they committed in their past or daily. This is whether they believe in a benevolent GOD or not. If you read some of my earlier writing, you’ll see this is what I once believed I had to do.

Then there are others who do it to capitalize off others suffering. They do this by stealing the food and clean water sent to the people in need. And I mean need and the needy. The layman term for need is “necessity.” A must one must have, not a want. Want is a desire that is not a necessity. And some do it for self-praise. “See I’m good. I did good. I helped someone.”

Everyone of these are for the wrong reason. Because every single one of these is for “self.”

You give from your heart. You give because another “needs” help and you are able to help. From monetary to just being there. You distribute what you can freely, without looking for anything in return. You feel good only because another persons life has been touched for the better. No self involved.


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