John – Anger is in their nature

Ashly John "thinker"

Older letter from John:

When I was imprisoned in the world, to the world. Sex, drugs, alcohol, hatred, crime – these were the chains that held me. My self-made prison was built by these blocks and mortared in my beliefs, that these are what made me. Nothing else could satisfy me. And yet, these never satisfied me. It was a lie to my mind.

I love to smile. Smiling makes other people smile. Well, there are some that probably want to smack the shit out of people who smile all the time. I remember when I had that evil spirit. I thought that many times, “I bet he would smile, if I reached out and smacked the shit out of him.” Worse … I’ve done just that. I am so glad I have changed.

So I judge no one, nor do I any longer get angry with anyone for things they do. Because no matter what they do, they are acting out what their nature is. Whether it was from being raised that way, or turning that way. It may be only at that moment. It still remains their character. Is their nature. It’s like a mosquito. It does what it does by nature. It sucks blood to survive. It can’t eat vegetables or meat, because it is not its nature. Man though has choice to change their nature.


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