John – 7×10 space for living and dying

Ashly John "thinker"

June 2017

Doug I want you to order the movie – (LIFE) –. It is part comedy, but understand the significance of life in prison on those living here. This movie is about (2) guys that are innocent of the crime of murder, and sentenced to life. You need to watch it. Eddie Murphy plays – Ray Gibbson and Martin Lawrence plays – Claud Banks. In a scene in the movie Claud turns to Ray, (because Ray got “another” scheme to get out of prison), and he says – No Ray I don’t want to hear it. Don’t you get it, we ain’t never getting out. We’re going to die here.”

I’m getting older Doug. My birthday is in (34) days. I’ll be (52). I am at peace with life, just not at peace with my own life. No one knows this feeling unless they live it. Imagine Doug living in a 7’x10’ space all these years. Get you a tape and measure it out. Put a toilet w/sink combined. A 2’x2’ table off the wall, and a 6’ bunk of concrete 18” high. Step in it and think about it. Then think how your innocence.

But, no, I will continue to practice and tell of what I think. I will continue to tell what I feel. Because others need to know what I go through to see that even though I feel these things, I push forward to still do my best to help others. Just because I am suffering, does not mean I can give up helping others. I was given life, so I must give my life to give life.

We have consciousness to question life. But instead of saying – “Why?, Why?, Why?” – We should say “What can I do.”


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