Ernesto – I could not tell him we were his secret admirers

Ashly Ernesto "Christian teacher"

March 20, 2016

A kid, 23 years old, was talking to me the other day and expressed that he stays with his ear on the vent. Why? He says he loves listening to the music I play. As you recall, I have a CD player and I got some speakers and play CDs music that some of the many buddies I’ve already made. So many people love to hang out with me and hear me preach! Positivity … Anyhow. So listen, and I am willing to sacrifice any commissary $ you were planning on assisting me with in March.

How about we surprise this kid, my neighbor with a little radio? He’s such a good receptive youngster and most people respond well after you extend kindness. He has about (3) years left in his sentence. So young. If I can inspire him towards education, and do with him what I did with Eddie, adopt a troubled kid upon his release … Ripple effect.

A later letter: “Two days ago, the kid was called for property when we were at yard. So I got him to the property window and the property officer hands him a radio. He looks at him and insists that it is a mistake. That it had to be someone else’s radio! The property officer assures him that it is his radio and someone ordered it for him. So he takes the radio and turns to look at me and I smile and tell him that he must have a secret admirer. I wanted to tell him that we got it for him, however, he was so happy, so enthusiastic, flying that someone remembered how much he loves music! He thought, maybe his family? Maybe an old friend? Maybe an ex? Nobody ever writes to him. However, being remembered added such a joy into his life, I could not tell him we were his secret admirers. I moved to B Section and he is in A-Section in our building. However, some of my buddies have told me that that is all he’s been talking about non-stop – his new radio. Mission accomplished. He is on such a cloud of positivity, that I can work with that to steer him towards the right direction, at little at a time. Such a powerful moment. Moments like that are needed in this world, Doug.”

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