Director Wendy Kelley’s new rule to limit drug soaked letters

Ashly Bradley "gay advocate"

July 7, 2017

Effective August 7, 2017, envelopes will no longer be provided to inmates. Please ensure that you write your return address on the correspondence itself; Otherwise the inmate receiving the mail will not have the return address.

This is  a further attempt to reduce the introduction of drugs into our facilities. It is for the health and safety of the population as correspondence is being soaked/laced with illegal drugs. Correspondence will be copied and only copies will be provided to the inmate. (Should this not be effective in eliminating the introduction of drugs into the facilities, further steps may be taken including allowing only EMAIL or post card correspondence with only one side of the post card being copied.)

I appreciate your assistance as we attempt to keep your loved ones safe!

Director Wendy Kelley