Christopher – The focus of my kindness

Ashly Christopher "Twisted"

June 2017

Pick a person close to me to be the focus of my kindness. Heres the plan: I’m chosing Red Dog who is what most call a mental health patient. He cuts on himself alot and prisoners always talk bad about him when he moves to the cell block. He also has a speech impediment. He will cut himself to come to the hole where hes around less people. Im one of the only people whos nice to him. I need to make an effort to invite him to the yard now that Im able to go out there and encourage him to do better but most importantly find out what I can do for him. Alrighty Red Dog has remained on suicide watch – so a change of plans: get him off of it. His biggest outward problem is that the other prisoners dont like him and pick on him he becomes infuriated and cuts his wrists neck etc. Being I just got moved two cells away from him we can talk. With my presence amongst the other prisoners being one of those whom you don’t cross Im using it to help Red Dog – they all see me talk to him several times a day and treat him kindly and with respect I as well not directing it to anyone inparticular how distasteful and cowardly it is to pick on a mental health patient. Just to leave em something to chew on. This allows Red Dog some peace not having to deal with the outward pressures of harassment. As far as getting his cloths and property back Im able to speak to the counselors as they come through on their rounds. Now that Red Dog knew he had a friend on his side he asked me to write a grievance about him being on the suicide watch longer than allowed by policy. He done this since he cant read or write. The security officers heard this and promptly reported to staff what was transpiring and a short time later he was off suicide watch no paperwork needed. He is now back to his everyday activities with no problems. I continue to check up on him and will continue to support him. It wasn’t as planned yet life seldom goes as planned.


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