Bradley – Two Poems: Samadhi & Toxicity

Ashly Bradley "gay advocate"

June 19, 2017



Sitting lotus

Watching the rise of the incense

I feel my mind void of thought

everything slows down

I see the wind outside move through the trees

I hear my nieces outside playing,

time and I are totally still

without my senses

I’ve entered Samadhi

I understand Zen practice now

but this is only a glimpse

*Life’s Toxicity*

Embrace the darkness,

It is your only friend.

Turn away from the light,

Before it blinds you to the truth.

Numb yourself to the cold

And soak in the hate around you.

All that is good and pure will bleed away

Leaving only life’s toxicities behind.

Never again will you know the light,

Never again will you feel.

Revel always in the truth of these words.

Cry your acid tears if you must,

But never let them drown you.