A stick of dynamite in a campfire

AshlyChristopher "Twisted"

December 25, 2017

As Roy’s recent thoughts had pointed out, holidays are volatile. Today’s an example of that. It’s been one incident after another, guys beating out windows, popping out sprinklers, flooding, setting fires, and just a few minutes ago, an all available officers to the population barracks. To expand on what Roy had said, we live in a house of suffering with men whose lives have been filled with every kind of evil known and locked within them never learning how to cope with the suffering within its times like the holidays that trigger the explosion the thoughts of what their lives have become, loved ones lost, etc. To everyone around all is normal around the campfire but that yule log is a stick of dynamite filled with memories that sends a many suffering man past his breaking point. In addition, Roy does so well! I know of the schizo inmate next to him and even at a tier and many cells down I would have to use an amplified radio and speakers to drown out his neighbor’s noise!